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Judd Bagley, Director of Communications at, stalks a teenage blogger

Update articles: Hatchet Man Judd Bagley's Downward Spiral: Junkie, Confessed Criminal, Admitted Adulterer by Sam Antar (here), and Closing the File on a Criminal and Junkie Named Judd Bagley by Gary Weiss (here)

Ever intent on hunting down the perceived enemies of his despicable boss Patrick Byrne (CEO of, noted cyber stalker Judd Bagley, Director of Communications at, recently focused his wrath on 19 year old teenage blogger, Zac Bissonnette.

On Friday morning at 2:26 AM (local Utah time), in an unsigned post on Yahoo, using the anonymous alias, "Edward Bankey," Judd Bagley threatened teenager Zac Bissonnette that he would be the subject of an upcoming post on's smear web site. The smear web site, which was once anonymously run by Bagley for Byrne, until Roddy Boyd exposed him as being behind it, has previously published anti-Semitic slurs, physical threats, lies, distortions, other smears directed at critics of his boss, Patrick Byrne.

In his unsigned and anonymous Yahoo post, Bagley wrote:

You're a real little self-promoter, aren't you, Zac?
http: //
You're also the subject of the next installment of
And no, you don't get to borrow my car this weekend. Now get back in school.

Judd Bagley was irritated that teenager, Zac Bissonnette, had promoted his new blog on Yahoo under the alias "jews4kapler." Judd Bagley has previously promoted and his other web sites using various anonymous aliases, too.

Previously, Zac Bissonnette, who writes a blog on AOL Money and Finance, had started a new blog, Hedge Funnies, that pokes fun and satirizes various business figures, including Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump.

In two recent blog items entitled, "Patrick Byrne unveils irrefutable proof of naked short selling" and "CNBC debuts new show: Are You More Insane Than Pat Byrne?" Bissonnette poked fun at both Patrick Byrne and Judd Bagley. Murdoch and Trump don't at all seem to be pissed off.

However, in Patrick Byrne's delusional paranoid world, any criticism or fun poked at him is usually met with severe reprisals from law suits to blackmail, anti-Semitic comments, physical and economic threats, and smears.

I had sent an e-mail to Clay Corbus and Joseph J. Tabacco Jr, both Audit Committee members, and Cc'd certain persons at the Securities and Exchange Commission:

Last night, using an unsigned anonymous alias, Judd Bagley (Director of Communications at threatened a 19 year blogger about an apparently upcoming post on and violated the company's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics....

I included a copy of Bagley's threat to Bissonnette on Yahoo in the e-mail.

Meanwhile, the 19 year old Zac Bissonnette did not back down from Patrick Byrne's henchman, Judd Bagley. On Friday afternoon, in a blog item entitled, "'s other resident creep comes after Hedge Funnies" Bissonnette poked more fun and in a satire at Bagley's latest charade:

Well loyal readers (and by that I mean mom and dad), it's happened far more quickly than we ever could have ever hoped, but Hedge Funnies has made an enemy in the corporate world, that is if you include OSTK as part of the corporate world - most members of the corporate world are more focused on making money than doing internet exposes on 19-year olds....

In addition, Bissonnette challenged Bagley to publish his threatened expose:

Too clever, Mr. Bagley!
You figured out my age, although I tried to hide it with my email address - TeenMoney...
Hedge Funnies looks forward to Mr. Bagley's expose.
Our only regret is that doesn't get more traffic....
Best always, Lil’ Sith Lord

Apparently, Clay Corbus and Joseph J. Tabacco Jr either stood idly by or were unable to reign in Patrick Byrne's henchman Judd Bagley. Bagley would not take any nonsense from a teenager that poked fun at his boss, Patrick Byrne and him. Unlike, Forbes reporter, Bethany McLean, whom Byrne once sent an e-mail accusing her of "Giving Goldman traders blowjobs," Bagley tried to attack Zac Bissonnette's educational credentials and called him names.

On Friday evening, according to a Yahoo post by Zac Bissonnette, Judd Bagley tried a different approach as he went on to pursue and threaten and call Bissonnette names. Using another anonymous alias, "WordBizzle" on the Wikipedia page for Bissonnette's former high school, Bagley wrote:

Zac "The Hack" Bissonnette
Sorry, Z. When one chooses Gary Weiss as a hero, and one acts like Gary Weiss, one gets the Gary Weiss treatment.
You'd best straighten up while you're young. And you should also consider getting a high school diploma. It'll open doors.
Now, go get SlimVirgin [Note: this is another Bagley perceived enemy] to take over from here.
You're out of your league. --WordBizzle 05:58, 3 August 2007 (UTC)

While, I don't know anything about Zac Bissonnette's high school diploma, I can tell you that he will be a freshman at Umass Amerherst's Honors College in the fall.

If the past is a pattern, the "Gary Weiss treatment" that Bagley refers to above, may mean physical threats, anti-Semitic slurs, lies, distortions, blackmail, and smears posted on and various message boards by Bagley or his cronies.

Zac Bissonnette responded to Judd Bagley's latest Wikipedia post and wrote back:

Ladies and Gentleman, the Nauseating Judd Bagley...
Judd, I'm sorry I made fun of the toilet-bowl you work for -- OVERSTOCK.COM. But relax it was just a joke. Trust me, there are plenty of people trashing your company with rational substantive arguments. So many in fact, that I haven't even bothered. We picked you as a target for because we knew you would come after us. You did, and we have had very nice traffic in our first few days. Thanks Judd! The rational arguments I haven't really wasted my time with: Exhibit A: OSTK has an accumulated deficit of over 220 MILLION dollars, and continues to lose money amid declining sales. No need to go and be a creepy cyber-stalker. But please do come after me. Wall Street will CRACK UP when they find out you are going after a 19-year old blogger. And please don't come visit me in the fall at Umass Amherst. Please keep your creepiness limited to the internet.

Perhaps, Judd Bagley has a particular hard-on for Zac Bissonnette, since Zac had written about my previous criminal conduct in his AOL Money and Finance blog: Website of the Day: and Interview with a Reformed Fraudster. Maybe, Bagley thinks I bought this kid an iPod to write about my vile sins.

I guess that every person who comes into contact with me has the potential of being falsely implicated in Patrick Byrne's delusional "Sith Lord" conspiracy. So I guess that I have a duty to tell everyone to stay away from me.

Well let's wait and see what kind of delusional conspiracy Bagley can construct involving Zac Bissonnette and I. In the meantime, Zac Bissonnette remained unafraid of the delusional and nauseating cyber stalker, Judd Bagley. On Saturday afternoon he posted a new satire about Judd Bagley, entitled, "President Bush hires Judd Bagley to hunt down Bin Laden." However, Bush still has not found Bin Laden and Byrne has not still refuses to name his alleged Sith Lord. At least we know that there is a real Bin Laden out there. Byrne's Sith Lord is part of a delusional fantasy.

To borrow a phrase from Herb Greenberg, another target of Byrne's smears, the beat goes on....

In the mean time, to Zac Bissonnette, welcome to the world of Patrick Byrne's delusional paranoid fantasies.

In my previous blog post, I wrote to Patrick Byrne:

You should resign from, admit your sins to the government investigators, apologize for your evil actions, and seek help from a psychiatrist. Otherwise, you may end up like a hog in cage.

I say to Judd Bagley, if you continue this nauseating behavior, you may end up like a lab monkey in a cage.

Written by:

Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO and convicted felon)

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