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12/20/17: Thanks to Marc Cohodes, We’re Back to the Bad Old Days at

11/27/17: Marc Cohodes Buys Stock & Vanishes From Overstock CEO’s Smear Site


03/30/15: Hatchet Man Judd Bagley's Downward Spiral: Junkie, Confessed Criminal, Admitted Adulterer


09/08/14: Nu Skin Inventory Red Flags Remain Even After $50 Million Impairment Charge

08/04/14: Why Nu Skin Must Come Clean on Troubling Inventory Red Flags

07/22/14: Do Nu Skin Inventory Red Flags Spell Trouble Ahead?

07/16/14: Indicted Former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff was bribed by too

07/08/14: A Felon’s View of White-Collar Crime - Why Society is Very Vulnerable to Fraud

05/29/14: CEO Patrick Byrne Spying on People--Again

05/19/14: On Twitter, Herbalife Uses "Herbalife Truth" To Tell A Lie

01/04/14: California Judge Rules Slaps With a $6.8 Million Fine For Defrauding Consumers


11/23/13: Did Tesla violate S.E.C. rules by failing to disclose the retirement of George Blankenship?

10/28/13: Is Trying to Cook The Books, Again?

10/03/13: Is Medifast a Cry Baby or a Corporate Bully?

09/30/13: Was Medifast transparent with investors about an S.E.C. investigation?

08/27/13: Simple questions for Donald J. Trump

01/29/13: CEO Patrick Byrne Sleeps With a Gun

01/22/13: Patrick Byrne: Armed, Dangerous, and Delusional


12/28/12: What Indicted SAC Capital Portfolio Manager Mathew Martoma Can Learn from Crazy Eddie

11/13/12: Judge Orders to Produce Evidence in California Consumer Fraud Lawsuit, While Major Investor Unloads Shares

09/27/12: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Growing Inventory Levels: Is It a Fumble or a Fraud?

09/10/12: New Lawsuit Against ZAGG Alleges It Concealed Stock Pledges

09/10/12: Real Estate Investor Who Fled Country Now Seeks to Raise $1 Billion in IPO

08/28/12: ZAGG Conference Call Raises More Questions than Answers about Pedersen's Resignation

08/20/12: ZAGG CEO Sold Stock Three Days before His Resignation

07/24/12: Can Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Explain Those Missing Beans?

07/12/12: Green Mountain Coffee’s Numbers Submitted to S.E.C. Examiners Don’t Add Up

05/21/12: Are they really that stupid at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters?

05/03/12: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Is it toxic or is it phantom inventory?

05/01/12: Is Green Mountain Coffee's Inventory Approaching Toxic Levels?

04/24/12: Is Green Mountain Coffee's Inventory a Toxic Brew?

04/09/12: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Disclosure Controls: Have They Really Improved?

03/28/12: New Allegations of Fraud Against Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in Amended Class Action Complaint

03/05/12: Is in a Death Spiral?

02/22/12: Was Ineligible to File a Registration Statement Last December

02/21/12: How Violated S.E.C Rules on Timely Disclosures and Delayed Reporting a Default on Bank Loan

02/06/12: Francis Chou's Funds Taking a Bath on Common Stock

01/24/12: Is Green Mountain Coffee's Management Team Milking Shareholders For Every Last Penny?


12/29/11: Facing Dismal Fourth Quarter Numbers?

12/14/11: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Where are the missing beans?

11/28/11: Did j2 Global Communications Fumble in Accounting?

11/22/11: Should j2 Global Communications Restate its 2010 Financial Reports?

11/15/11: Nature's Sunshine Products, Willbros Group, Cal Dive International, and BSQUARE Violate S.E.C. Rules on Calculating EBITDA

10/31/11: ( Insolvency Looming?

10/28/11: Overstock's "Likely" Breach of Debt Covenants

09/27/11: As InterOil tumbles, actor Shia LaBeouf and John Thomas Financial CEO Thomas Belesis have egg on their faces

09/25/11: Were Groupon’s and Overstock’s Management and Auditors Stupid or Did They Condone Improper Accounting Practices?

09/09/11: Why White-Collar Criminals Should Thank President Obama and Congressional Republicans

08/10/11: Why did Green Mountain Coffee Roasters miss red flags?

08/02/11: Why the SEC should not be duped by Overstock’s excuses to avoid sanctions

07/19/11: Is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters serving double talk to the press?

07/11/11: Overstock admits to deceptive advertising

06/17/11: Did Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Violate Its Code of Ethics, too?

06/13/11: Is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Fudging Its Reserve Numbers?

06/06/11: To the Securities and Exchange Commission: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters selectively spills the beans and its numbers still don't add up

06/04/11: Hypocrisy Behind Florida Law Requiring Welfare Recipients to Take Drug Tests

05/23/11: Are the Feds Going Insane?

05/19/11: California Court Compels to Turnover Contact Information of Former Employees to District Attorney Investigating Consumer Fraud

05/09/11: Is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Shuffling the Beans to Beat Earnings Expectations?

05/04/11: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Do they know how to counts the beans?

04/14/11: Reuters on FBI Efforts to Profile White-Collar Criminals

04/14/11: Government Accounting Makes Crazy Eddie's Numbers Look Sane

04/12/11: Why is obstructing California District Attorney’s investigation into allegations of consumer fraud?

03/24/11: Is Michelle Stacy a shrewd insider, a psychic or just plain lucky?

03/14/11: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: The Foul Aroma of Michelle Stacy's Stock Sales

03/03/11: A Question for John Thaler About Green Mountain Coffee Roaster Call Options

02/28/11: Is Green Mountain Coffee Going to Get Roasted by its Exes?

02/16/11: A Question for the CFO of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

02/13/11: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Murky Financial Disclosures

01/04/11: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Calling a Bean, a Bean


12/16/10: A Question for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

12/13/10: Green Mountain Coffee’s financial reporting doesn’t taste as good as its coffee

12/09/10: To Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: My Questions for Today's Earnings Call

12/08/10: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Slow Murky Drip

12/02/10: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Time to Spill the Beans?

11/23/10: California District Attorneys Sue for Defrauding Consumers While the SEC Finds New Disclosure Problems

11/04/10: Patrick Byrne Absent From Third Quarter Earnings Call

11/01/10: More Trouble for and Patrick Byrne after Dismal Third Quarter Report

10/21/10: Interesting Issues in Timing of Green Mountain Insider Stock Sales and Disclosure of SEC Inquiry

10/14/10: Does CEO Patrick Byrne Know When to Shut Up, Especially While the SEC Investigates his Company?

10/11/10: Crazy Eddie Documentary: How We Screwed the Government, Wall Street, Investors, Consumers, and Everyone Else

10/03/10: Will KPMG Ever Wake Up and Finally Learn Its Lesson after Being Duped into Completing Crazy Eddie’s Audits Too Early Twenty Three Years Ago?

09/24/10: Comtech Does the Right Thing by Fixing Errors in Latest Report

09/16/10: What is Accounting?

09/12/10: Five More Public Companies Who Need to Learn How to Properly Compute EBITDA under SEC Rules

08/06/10: CEO Patrick Dumped Stock Ahead of Bad Earnings Report and Misled Investors About Earnings

08/04/10: Another Question about Timing of NBTY Insider Stock Purchases Prior to Announcement of Carlyle Acquisition

07/26/10: Penson Worldwide and Comtech Telecommunications Need to Learn How to Properly Calculate EBITDA under SEC Rules

07/25/10: My Life as a White-Collar Criminal

07/20/10: I Have A Question

07/14/10: Goldman Sachs Settlement with SEC Ignores Company’s Duty to Provide Timely Disclosures to Shareholders about Investigation Leading up to Litigation

07/07/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission: Investigate Troubling Issues at Amedisys Missed by Wall Street Journal

06/27/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission Part 9:'s Excuses Simply Don't Add Up

06/22/10: If You Question Medifast's Revenue Accounting, Expect a Subpoena Rather Than a Rebuttal

06/20/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission  Is Medifast Complying with Revenue Accounting Rules?

06/17/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission: Can a Convicted Felon Help You Find Financial Reporting Violations?

06/15/10: Class Action Complaint against Amedisys uses Sarbanes-Oxley Act Corporate Governance Provisions to Battle Alleged Corporate Malfeasance

06/13/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission: Why You Must Review Medifast's Revenue Accounting Disclosures

06/09/10: How White-Collar Criminals Exploit Your Vanity- Beware of Compliments

06/02/10: Why President Barack Obama Must Take Steps to Significantly Increase Law Enforcement Resources to Combat White-Collar Crime

06/01/10: Fraud Discovery Issues Investigative Report Rebutting Congressman Anthony Weiner's Allegations Against Glenn Beck Show Advertiser Goldline

05/26/10: Patrick Byrne Pockets $3.1 Million from Dumping Shares While Trying to Stave Off Possible SEC Enforcement Action

05/24/10: The Brutality of Non-violent Organized White-Collar Criminal Groups

05/19/10: Barry Minkow Gives Medifast the Middle Finger

05/18/10: Can We Trust's Financial Reporting?

05/14/10: More Nepotism and Undisclosed Shady Related Party Transactions Found at InterOil

05/09/10: Straight Talk about Brutality of White Collar Crime from a Convicted Felon

05/05/10: Is InterOil Another Tyco or Crazy Eddie?

05/05/10: Can Investors Rely on's Reported Q1 2010 Numbers?

05/02/10: Bomb Found in New York City's Times Square: A Warning from a Convicted Felon

04/29/10: Are InterOil's Auditors Capable of Finding Fraud in Plain Sight?

04/28/10: The Real Reason Behind Danny DeVito’s Crazy Eddie Movie Project Meltdown from Eddie Antar’s Cousin and Criminal CFO Sam E. Antar

04/20/10: New Movie: Shia Labeouf Helps Thomas Belesis from John Thomas Financial Pump InterOil

04/20/10: Goldman Sachs Tells More Bull to Investors

04/20/10: Should the SEC Investigate Medifast Like It's Investigating Pre-Paid Legal?

04/18/10: Did a Clever SEC Bait Goldman Sachs into Compounding Its Legal Problems With the "Kiss of Death" Message?

04/08/10: Open Letter to Morgan Stanley "Research" Analyst Evan Calio: About Your Seriously Flawed Report on InterOil

04/06/10: InterOil: Deal or No Deal? Does it Matter?

04/05/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (Part 8): Bring Enforcement Action Against for False and Misleading Disclosures

04/02/10: New False Disclosures about's "Tax Dodge" Found in 10-K

04/01/10:'s New 10-K Report Reveals Management Deceptions, Major Internal Control Problems, and Zero Quality Earnings

03/31/10: Did InterOil Commit Securities Fraud?

03/29/10: Another Key Departure at It Went Unreported, Too

03/29/10: The InterOil Saga: Convicted Felons Battle Current Breed of Stock Market Miscreants

03/26/10: Is InterOil Built on a Foundation of Fraud?

03/25/10: Can Shia LaBeouf Help Shed Light on a Stock Market Manipulation Scheme Involving InterOil and John Thomas Financial?

03/17/10: Delays Filing 10-K, Reports Even More GAAP Violations, While Patrick Byrne Hides

03/16/10: Indicted Former Democratic Assemblyman Louis Manzo Would be Wise to Stop Blabbing and Simply Shut Up

03/04/10: Open Memo to Medifast Board Chairman Bradley T. MacDonald and Chief Executive and CFO Michael S. McDevitt: Q4 2009 Earnings Call Questions

02/21/10: First Jury Trial in Federal Corruption Probe Based on Informant Solomon Dwek Convicts Beldini: Are Some Defendants Living on Hope?

02/19/10: Open Memo to Medifast Board Chairman Bradley T. MacDonald and Chief Executive and CFO Michael S. McDevitt: Grow Some Hair on Your Chest

02/04/10: My Reporting of a Financial Statement Manipulation Scheme at is Vindicated by Latest Company Announcement

02/02/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (Part 7): Why and David Chidester Parted Ways

01/28/10: Former Insider David Chidester in the Hot Seat

01/27/10: Unusual Timing of Medifast Auditor Resignation

01/27/10: Open Letter to KPMG: The Ties That Bind, Patrick Byrne, and Deep Capture LLC

01/25/10: Open Letter to KPMG: A Warning About, Your New Audit Client

01/20/10: Roddy Boyd Article Will Cause SEC to Expand Investigation of and Probably Result in Sales Tax Investigation by New York

01/12/10: Open Memo to Medifast Chief Executive and CFO Michael S. McDevitt: Cut the BS and Address Troubling Issues Raised by Barry Minkow

01/03/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission Part 6: Conflicting Disclosures by Reveal Improper Audit Opinion Shopping


12/29/09: Is Shopping for an Audit Opinion?

12/14/09: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (Part 5): Issuer Retaliation Complaint Against

12/10/09: and Patrick Byrne Have an Enemies List That Includes Friends and Family Members of Critics

11/26/09: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission Part 4: Patrick Byrne Ignores Real Issues As He Vilifies Grant Thornton

11/24/09: Advice For Patrick Byrne: The Cover-up is Always More Dangerous Than the Crime For Lying CEOs Like You

11/23/09: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission Part 3: Lied About Grant Thornton and Concealed Error

11/22/09: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission Part 2: New Information on's GAAP and SEC Disclosure Violations

11/18/09: CEO Patrick Byrne Ducks Crucial Questions During Call

11/17/09: Fires Grant Thornton After They Agree With Me on GAAP Violations

11/13/09: SEC Busts SafeNet for Regulation G Violations. Will be Next?

11/10/09: SEC Expands Investigation

11/10/09: Delays Filing of Q3 2009 10-Q Report Due to Material Disagreements Over Proper Accounting

11/07/09: Why Abolishing or Weakening Sarbanes-Oxley is Insane! Lessons from the Crazy Eddie Fraud

11/04/09: What is Patrick M. Byrne Afraid Of?

11/03/09: (NASDAQ: OSTK) Q3 2009 Earnings Call: Questions for Patrick Byrne

10/26/09: Patrick Byrne To Tough It Out With SEC Over GAAP Violations

10/09/09: CEO Patrick Byrne Is In a Very Sour Pickle

10/07/09: Crain's New York Business: Crazy Like a Fox - Aaron Elstein Interviews Me

09/22/09: Continued GAAP Violations Caused the Securities and Exchange Commission to Re-open Its Investigation of

08/11/09: Minkow: inVentiv President Terrell Herring Obtained Degree From Diploma Mill and Company Violated Regulation G Governing Non-GAAP Measures

08/05/09: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission: Stop GAAP Violations Now!

07/29/09: How To Issue Phony Financial Reports and Mislead Investors - and Patrick M. Byrne Style

07/13/09: InterOil, John Thomas Financial and Clarion Finanz: Anatomy of a Stock Market Manipulation Scheme

07/13/09: Issues Unregistered Shares to 401-K Plan

07/11/09: To Thank for the subpoena and the check, too!

07/09/09: InterOil: How a Deceitful Company Made a Very Dumb Deal, Too

07/06/09: Diamonds Are Not Forever For Two Key Insiders

07/01/09: Banned Stock Promoter Carl Caserta Still Working for InterOil and Promoting Its Stock Despite Previous Denials

06/25/09: Auditors Cited by PCAOB in Five of Thirteen Audits Sampled

06/18/09: InterOil Files False Dislosures With SEC (Redacted Version)

06/13/09: Memo to President Barack Obama from a Convicted Felon: Be Prepared For an Unprecedented Onslaught of White Collar Crime

06/04/09: Children's Place Violates SEC Regulation G Governing Non-GAAP Financial Measures

05/27/09: Crazy Eddie Movie: Danny Devito's Slobbering Love Affair with Convicted Stock Swindler Eddie Antar

05/15/09: Is Interoil Selling Investors Hope?

05/14/09: under siege from Investigations and Lawsuits

05/04/09:'s First Quarter Financial Performance Aided by GAAP Violations

04/22/09: Today's Q1 2009 Earnings Conference Call: Questions Submitted to Patrick Byrne

04/16/09: Don't criticize and Patrick Byrne, especially if you are going through a divorce

04/04/09: Proxy Reveals Exit Payment to Departing Director James V. Joyce's Company is Equivalent to Three and One-Half Year's Fees

04/02/09: Director James V. Joyce Bolts, Receives Huge Questionable Exit Payment

03/30/09: To Grant Thornton, New Auditors for

02/24/09: SEC Investigating after Questions Raised in This Blog about Inventory Disclosures

02/11/09: Two Universities Say Intrepid Potash President Patrick Avery Didn't Get Degrees Claimed in SEC Filings

02/09/09: Refuses to Correct Accounting Errors in Latest Financial Report

02/04/09: and CEO Patrick Byrne Violate Accounting Rules in Q4 2008 Financial Report

01/19/09: Warning to President-Elect Barack Obama from a Convicted Felon: Beware of the Bait and Switch


12/29/08: A New Year's Message from a Convicted Felon: While you hope, criminals prey

12/13/08: Is there really more white collar crime today? No.

12/08/08: Does Democratic Leadership Inaction on Rangel Render Promises of "Change" a "Bait and Switch" Tactic?

11/30/08: New York Democratic Party Leadership Takes Money from Same-Sex Marriage Supporters and Won't Deliver on Promises

11/23/08: Rule 10b-5 Exposure from Disclosure Violations

11/16/08: Advice to President-Elect Barack Obama about Combating White Collar Crime From a Convicted Felon

11/10/08:'s New Disclosures Today Show Company Financial Reports Were a "Joke"

11/06/08: Lawsuit Alleges Shill Bidding on Web Site

11/02/08: What Did Not Tell Investors About Latest Accounting Error

10/26/08: New Accounting Errors Make's Financial Reports Not Reliable While SEC Regulation G Violations Continue

10/24/08: Message to Management about Q3 2008 Earnings Call

10/23/08: My Questions for CEO Patrick Byrne Regarding Upcoming Earnings Call for Q3 2008

10/19/08: Why White Collar Criminals Do Not Fear Today's FBI

10/10/08: A Crisis of Confidence: Some Small Steps We Can Take Now

09/08/08: Are's Stock Buy Backs a Wise Move?

09/03/08: What Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff Does Not Want Anyone to Know

09/02/08: Questionable and Inconsistent Inventory Disclosures

08/18/08: (NASDAQ: OSTK) CEO Patrick Byrne Pays Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff to Defame a Blogger

08/06/08: Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff once caught removing opponent's campaign signs

07/31/08: Why Jonathan Johnson is the Right Choice for President of

07/28/08: What is Mark Mitchell Hiding about Himself, Deep Capture, and

07/24/08: Are's Stock Buybacks "Destroying Shareholder Value"?

07/19/08: The SEC stands by while continues to violate Regulation G and overstates EBITDA in latest report

07/15/08: Limiting Auditor Liability is Plain Dumb

06/23/08: What did not tell the Securities and Exchange Commission

06/08/08: Not yet "Yipikaye" for CEO Patrick Byrne

06/02/08: CEO Patrick Byrne Calls Himself a Crook

05/28/08: Continues to Violate SEC Regulation G and Materially Overstate EBITDA in Q1 2008

05/21/08: Warning from a Convicted Felon: Don't Be Fooled by People Who Flaunt Their Integrity

05/19/08: and PricewaterhouseCoopers: Errors in Submissions to SEC Division of Corporation Finance

05/12/08: and Patrick Byrne: Anatomy of a Stock Market Manipulation Scheme (Part 3)

04/28/08: Anatomy of a Stock Market Manipulation Scheme (Part 2)

04/25/08: Barry Minkow Finds Herbalife Executive Falsified Credentials

04/23/08: SVP Jonathan E. Johnson lies in frantic attempt at damage control

04/21/08: and Patrick Byrne: Anatomy of a Stock Market Manipulation Scheme - First Quarter Earnings Release

04/17/08: Patrick Byrne has a new pet journalist with a captured mind

04/11/08: Fraud Discovery Institute Lists "Top 10 Red Flags for Fraud at Herbalife"

03/31/08:'s Inventory Disclosures: More Questions

03/19/08: To CFO Lawrence Kong: Is BIDZ reporting inventory in compliance with GAAP?

03/17/08: and Patrick Byrne: Phony Accounting and False and Misleading Disclosures - New Lies

03/14/08: Is Reporting Inventory in Compliance with GAAP?

02/26/08: and Patrick Byrne: Phony Accounting and False and Misleading Disclosures - Revenues

02/20/08: Did's recent press release about Gradient violate rule 10b-5?

02/04/08: and Patrick Byrne: Phony Accounting and False and Misleading Disclosures

01/17/08: Jason C. Lindsey backdates his resignation: Proof

01/17/08: Are certain former directors jumping ship on Patrick Byrne?

01/07/08: Did former President, Chief Operating Officer, and Director Jason C. Lindsey backdate his resignation?

01/02/08: Why did President and COO Jason C. Lindsey really resign?


12/13/07: Open Letter to Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff Re: Your lies on behalf of campaign contributor

12/03/07: and CEO Patrick Byrne: Improper use of EBITDA results in Regulation G Violation

11/29/07: Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff Caught Lying on Behalf of and Patrick Byrne

11/26/07: and CEO Patrick Byrne: Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation G Violations

11/19/07: Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff Panders to Campaign Contributor and Defames CEO Patrick Byrne Critic

11/12/07: vs. Gradient and Copper River (aka Rocker) Part 4: Read all about it

11/12/07: vs. Gradient and Copper River (aka Rocker) Part 3: Details of Countersuit

11/10/07: vs. Gradient and Rocker Part 2: Countersuit by Rocker

11/08/07: Did CEO Patrick Byrne cook the company's numbers and mislead investors? (Part 4)

11/01/07: CEO Patrick Byrne Continues to Dodge Questions about SEC Probe and Faces Counterclaims by Rocker and Gradient

10/24/07: Is New York State Using a "Trust, Don't Verify" Approach Regarding Convicted Felon CPAs?

10/22/07: Open Letter to Patrick Byrne, CEO of

10/16/07: A Warning to Wall Street Analysts from a Convicted Felon

10/03/07: Patrick Byrne, CEO of A history of deception, deceit, and distortion - Part 1: The Early Days

09/25/07: vs. Gradient and Rocker Part 1: Patrick Byrne and his Three Stooges

09/11/07: CEO Patrick Byrne and his Black Ops

09/10/07: Advice from a convicted felon: How the government investigates and prosecutes white collar criminal cases

08/23/07: Did CEO Patrick Byrne cook the company's numbers and mislead investors? (Part 3 - The end game)

08/22/07: Did CEO Patrick Byrne cook the company's numbers and mislead investors? (Part 2)

08/20/07: Did CEO Patrick Byrne cook the company's numbers and mislead investors? (Part 1)

08/12/07: Patrick Byrne, CEO of, Admits to Being Target of Government Probe

08/07/07: Does's Audit Committee have its head in the sand regarding Patrick Byrne?

08/05/07: Judd Bagley, Director of Communications at, stalks a teenage blogger

08/02/07: Patrick Byrne, CEO of, Dodges Questions about SEC Subpoenas and Plays Games

07/30/07: Utah Companies that are engaged in Fraud Beware!

07/23/07: Did Patrick Byrne, CEO of, Deliver a Trojan Horse to the Securities and Exchange Commission?

07/16/07: Patrick Byrne (CEO of deceives the New York Times about his activities on internet message boards

07/12/07: The Crazy Eddie Movie

07/08/07: Patrick Byrne, CEO of, Continues his Ugly Campaign of Menace

07/06/07: Advice to Richard A. Altomare (Universal Express) from a Convicted Felon: Cut the Bull

07/02/07: InvestorVillage is the place for CEO Patrick Byrne, his henchman Judd Bagley, and their cronies

06/25/07: Crazy Eddie Speaks Cousin Sam E. Antar Responds

06/22/07: Crazy Eddie and cousin Sam E. Antar clash on CNBC

06/18/07: Who is Judd Bagley trying to fool about the use of anti-Semitism to attack critics of his boss, CEO Patrick Byrne?

06/08/07: Open Letter to the Audit Committee of About how Patrick Byrne’s vindictive smear campaign uses threats and anti-Semitism

06/04/07: Open Letter to the Audit Committee of Patrick Byrne denies using private eyes

06/03/07: Memo to Judd Bagley: Director of Communications at - About Threats on

06/02/07: Advice about Trust from a Convicted Felon

05/30/07: Open Letter to the Audit Committee of The Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and actions of Patrick Byrne and others

05/25/07: Why are people distancing themselves from CEO Patrick Byrne?

05/17/07: To Patrick Byrne, CEO of More Questions about the Company's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

05/16/07: To Patrick Byrne, CEO of - Did you comply with the Company's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

05/15/07: A Copy of its Code of Business and Professional Ethics

05/14/07: and Patrick Byrne: The Deception Continues

05/13/07: Patrick Byrne, CEO of Cannot Answer a Simple Question

05/12/07: To Patrick Byrne, CEO of Stop Deflecting and Start Answering Questions

05/09/07: Patrick Byrne, CEO of, receives SEC subpoena

05/03/07: Is Patrick Byrne, CEO, making false, misleading, and/or deceptive statements about the company’s financial issues?

04/25/07: Questions the Securities and Exchange Commission may ask Patrick Byrne (CEO of in its investigation of (not “on”)

04/16/07: The Deceptions of Patrick Byrne (CEO of and Judd Bagley (Director of Social Media at

04/04/07: Don't Mess with CEO Patrick Byrne

03/04/07: White Collar Crime: How Criminals Exploit your Humanity

02/20/07: Investor Village Et al Limits Sam E. Antar from Asking Questions on - Shame on Them!

01/21/07: An Open Letter to KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, and other Accounting Firms Subject to Inspections by the PCAOB

01/17/07: Sam E. Antar and Judd Bagley from Communicate on DealBreaker Blog

01/15/07: An Arsenal of Intimidation and Fear

01/14/07: The Real Story of Crazy Eddie's Lowest Price Guarantee

01/10/07: Open Letter to the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

01/09/07: Financial Fraud: We Don't Want These Companies to List Here


12/30/06: Apple Computer's Stock Options Backdating Scandal: An Ex-felons View

12/25/06: The Art of Spinning: How to Identify White Collar Criminals or at Least Unethical and Deceitful People Who You Should Avoid

12/19/06: Why I Do Not Fear Auditors

12/19/06: Managing Earnings: Playing the Numbers Game

12/15/06: Cooperation: Andrew Fastow vs. Sam E. Antar

12/10/06: Hiding Your Dirty Laundry in the Footnotes: Anatomy of the Crazy Eddie Accounts Payable Fraud

12/03/06: In Class Action Securities Litigation Sometimes I Wonder Who are the Clients

12/03/06: D & O Insurers Can Help in Corporate Governance

12/02/06: When Regulatory Relief Really Means Relaxing Standards of Transparency and Integrity

11/18/06: Wall Street Journal Law Blog Asks Are Sentences Meted Out for White Collar Felons Too Long and I Answer Their Blog

11/18/06: Crazy Eddie Trademark - Not very Valuable

11/12/06: Audit Committees and External Auditors a Perfect Storm for Disaster

11/03/06: Response to Senator Schumer and Mayor Bloomberg Commentary of Sarbanes-Oxley Reform

10/28/06: Guilty Defendants (You know who you are) The Best Defense May not be the Most Expensive

10/26/06: The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The Unintended Consequence of "Pay to Play"

10/24/06: Skilling's Sentence: What It Is Good For and What Still Is Required

10/17/06: Memo to Warren Buffett from an Ex-Felon

10/15/06: Who Should Internal Auditors Report To?

10/08/06: The Battle for the Soul of American Capitalism

10/06/06: Warning to Business: We require better education for accountants and auditors, more independent audits, and better barriers to white collar crime

10/02/06: Crazy maybe, but listen to this crook

09/30/06: Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan Speaks Out about Sarbanes Oxley and I Answer Him Back

09/25/06: Asbury Park Article One of the Antar's still talks about the fraud at Crazy Eddie

07/20/06: SEC Moves Forward on Sarbanes Oxley Improvements