Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sam E. Antar and Judd Bagley from Communicate on DealBreaker Blog

The following communications were made between Judd Bagley Director of Social Media for and I, in comments to a post made on the DealBreaker Blog entitled "Judd Bagley: All Class" by Bess Levin on January 16, 2007.

Sam to Judd


Would you and Pat engage me in a public debate in front of a public audience over the issues of in a public forum?

Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)


Judd to Sam

I'll gladly discuss either the substance of (speaking for myself only), or the essence and theory behind the project I'm heading up for, but I won't be the one to publicly speak about the state or direction of the company itself.

Email me if either of the first two interest you (or if you just want to go to lunch and sound like an interesting fellow).

Judd Bagley

Sam to Judd


If you are against naked short sellers and illegal manipulation of the markets I am with you too.
However, many people are genuinely concerned about Overstock's ability to ever achieve profitability.

There are others that question some of your tactics in handling dissent. No one in this world is sinless (no insult intended) including you, Gary, or anyone else reading this post. My sins are much greater than every here.

However, there are accusations that you guys may have crossed the line. Even if you guys did not cross the line, your public image is being negatively affected by your actions.

I speak from the experience of my own ruthless actions. If I am a little bit emotional about it, maybe it is because people do not seem to learn from history.

I was an arrogant criminal that smeared my critics at every possibility if necessary. However, I did not have the internet in my time. I did it with whispers and phone calls.

My point is Judd, you may think that I wish you and Pat ill, but I really do not. My hope is that you consider your actions very carefully and reflect on them and judge whether they are in the best interests of

Hopefully, my comments would scare some sense into you guys from the perspective of what I see as a situation spinning out of control.

America is the greatest country ever conceived and comebacks are possible. We are the most forgiving nation on this planet. led by Pat Byrne can turn this situation around, if this side-show stops. Everyone makes mistakes (just never make mistakes of my caliber). You cannot become successful without making mistakes. You become successful by learning from them.

Please be careful not to make mistakes that you cannot recover from like mine. Even big mistakes that are less than criminal mistakes are errors that you do not want to make.

Please carefully consider my advice on this matter and think about it carefully.

Thank you for responding to my post and I will get back to you soon. I am traveling over the next several days.


Sam E. Antar (fomer Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

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johnlichtenstein said...

Are Judd or Patrick willing to discuss the substance of the dossier on Gary Weiss? So far, the attack on Gary has been pretty pathetic. Many of the claims Judd and Patrick have made, that Mediacrity if the chief counsel for Bloomberg, that Gary Weiss is Mediacrity, or Mantanmoreland is Weiss... It's not just that they are unsubstantiated. They are laughable. That's what months of research gets them? I am sure I could make up better stories in days.

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