Monday, January 15, 2007 An Arsenal of Intimidation and Fear

I have often spoken and written about how white collar criminals use your humanity against you. They take your good traits such as trust and use them as weaknesses to be exploited.

Another tool of the white collar criminal is fear and intimidation. As a criminal I would use it as an effective technique to exploit people to effectively commit my crimes.

There is a public company called led by its CEO Patrick Byrne. Mr. Byrne it seems knows all about fear and intimidation of his critics. has a Director of Social Media Judd Bagley. Mr. Bagley finally admits after many months to running an anonymous web site, which if you read it, is nothing but a smear machine spewing many lies about critics of, in his “spare time.”

Mr. Bagley now admits to anonymously posting e-mail messages on internet message boards which he claims were objective.

There are serious questions that Patrick Byrne’s actions and those of Judd Bagley acting in concert with him taken together may constitute illegal actions under our securities laws.

If they claim as they say they are to be against the actions of illegal market manipulators so am I too. However, if they are using that as a ruse to cover up what may very well be their own possible illegal activities shame on them and their will be hell to pay and not from me but from the justice of our courts.

Link to Gary Weiss Blog January 12, 2007: Judd Bagley Fesses Up

Link to January 12, 2007: Sleazy McSleaze Admits to Sleaziness by John Carney

Link to NY Times February 25, 2006: Overstock's Campaign of Menace by Joe Nocera (subscription required)

Note: I have been openly critical of Mr. Byrne's and Bagley's actions and have posted my remarks in various forums using my real name and not any anonymous handle as has always been my practice and policy. At least now it seems Mr. Bagley has come to my level in this regard too.

I fully expect to be the next target of their smear campaign. So I have a personal message for Mr. Byrne and Bagley:

Am I next my dear pals? I know I am a sinful human being even today. Take your best shot. The question my dear friends is not my sins but yours.

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