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Did Tesla violate S.E.C. rules by failing to disclose the retirement of George Blankenship?

Last Thursday, Silicon Beat reported that George Blankenship retired from his position as Vice President, Worldwide Retail at Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA). According to Blankenship's LinkedIn profile, he had already left the company in October 2013. Tesla's most recent proxy report listed Blankenship as a "named executive officer." The retirement, appointment, resignation, or termination of a registrant’s "named executive officer" is required to be disclosed within four business days of such a departure on Form 8-K. Therefore, it appears that the company should have disclosed his retirement no later than November 6, 2013. So far, Tesla has made no such disclosure.

On November 21, 2013, Silicon Beat reported that:

Blankenship is still listed as Vice President, Sales & Ownership Experience on Tesla’s website. But his LinkedIn profile now says he is “Director of Smiles for the Blankenship Family” and he apparently left Tesla a few weeks ago.
Shortly after S…