Saturday, June 02, 2007

Advice about Trust from a Convicted Felon

I often think about the words of our late and great former President Ronald Reagan:

“Trust, but verify.”

As a convicted felon, I say:

“Don’t trust, just verify."
"Verify, verify, verify.”

As a criminal, I considered people's humanity as a weakness to be exploited.

The inclination to trust first and then verify, gave me the upper hand.

The criminal always has the initiative.

While you initially trust us, we work on ways to solidify your trust before you verify.

Hopefully, you will never verify.

However, if you do verify, we will have corroded your skepticism to a large degree.

So if you ask questions, you will accept our deceptive answers as fact.

A word of advice from this convicted felon to the capital markets, securities analysts, journalists, the accounting profession, investors, and others:

The word "trust" is a professional hazard you can leave at home before you go to work.


Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

PS: I committed my crimes with a cold, dark, and heartless soul.

Do you trust my advice?

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