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Crazy Eddie Speaks Cousin Sam E. Antar Responds

The darling of Wall StreetIn his hey day, Eddie Antar was the darling of Wall Street. Until our frauds imploded, our manufactured financial statements produced a constant fiction of Crazy Eddie's superior financial success and Eddie's Antar's supposed business acumen. We were sought after by Wall Street investment bankers hungry to feed Crazy Eddie with capital to expand its business and let their investors get in on a piece of the action. We had four public offerings. We sold investors on hope as the family cashed out almost $100 million in stock.A consumer's heroEddie Antar was legend in his time as he a became a folk hero to consumers by thumbing his nose at "fair trade" laws that stifled competition. However, it was our intention to bait and switch our customers to more profitable merchandise. In the early days before the company went public, if we could not switch a customer who paid cash, we simply pocketed the sales tax.Upcoming Eddie Antar and Sam E. …

Crazy Eddie and cousin Sam E. Antar clash on CNBC

We were brutal white collar criminals. Never once did we have a conversation about the immorality of our vile criminal actions. To us, fraud was part of Crazy Eddie's business plan. We sold people on hope. We fed their hope with our spin and lies. We were cold-blooded economic predators. We considered your humanity as a weakness to be exploited. Over the past few months, Herb Greenberg (CNBC contributor) interviewed me several times. Later, he brought ‘Crazy’ Eddie Antar and I together face-to-face for a joint interview. It was a more like a confrontation.Watch it.Network: CNBC
Show: Business Nation
Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Time: 10 PM (Eastern Time) – check your local listingsCNBC Press Release: Crazy Eddie Masterminds, Eddie and Sam Antar, Confront Each Other for the First Time in 20 Years on CNBC'S "Business Nation"See preview on You TubeCrazy Eddie Meets The Man Who Sent Him To Prison!

Additional Information:March 5, 2007: - What 2 Crooks Told M…

Who is Judd Bagley trying to fool about the use of anti-Semitism to attack critics of his boss, CEO Patrick Byrne?

As a criminal, my cousin Eddie Antar understood the value of getting other people to do his dirty work. Such persons would satisfy his criminal agenda while creating a wall between him and those persons that carried out his evil criminal deeds.
In other posts on this blog*, I have detailed how Patrick Byrne (CEO of uses his Director of Communications, Judd Bagley, to carry out his personal vendettas against critics and journalists on the smear web site administered by Bagley. I detailed how Patrick Byrne attempts to build a wall of separation between him and Judd Bagley’s activities on the
*Note:Don't Mess with CEO Patrick Byrne
The Deceptions of Patrick Byrne (CEO of and Judd Bagley (Director of Social Media at

Issues related to's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Judd Bagley seems to believe he is running a no holds barred political campaign to further Patrick Byrne…