Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Why I Do Not Fear Auditors

White collar crime is a crime of persuasion and deceit. Since the white collar criminal uses persuasion and deceit to commit their crimes it follows that such felons are artful liars.
Most accounting professionals are never taught about the nature of white collar crime in college or in their continuing professional education courses after becoming Certified Public Accountants.

The “Challenge of Audit” Blog written by someone called the Thoughtful Auditor recently posted a commentary entitled “Why Sam E. Antar Doesn’t Fear Auditors.”
He (she) wrote in part:

Mr. Antar clearly had no fear of either external or internal auditors while he was committing fraud. He includes some reasons on his site, such as new audit staffers being young and inexperienced, following out of the box and checklist programs, and not receiving adequate supervision from more experienced managers and partners. Although there has been much hype recently about strengthening audits, I tend to think that these conditions still exist in many companies. These criticisms can, in my experience, pertain equally to both internal and external auditors.

Please read the rest of his blog post and my answer posted on his web site here.

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