Saturday, November 18, 2006

Crazy Eddie Trademark - Not very Valuable

I read other blogs and from time to time post my comments. Recently I came across the Strategic Name Development blog and took notice of a commentary posted “Trademarks and Superstitions” about trademark issues.

At the bottom of the commentary written by William Lozito published on November 6, 2006 was the following observation:

And sometimes, as is the case with the Crazy Eddie trademark, you may think you have a valuable trademarked brand name… and be unable to sell it.

Recently the owners of the Crazy Eddie trademark attempted to sell it on ebay but were unable to sell it at the price they were seeking.

I posted the following comment on his blog:
It is ironic that you chose November 6 (the same day we lost control of Crazy Eddie in a hostile takeover) for your post about the value of trademarks - specifically ‘Crazy Eddie.’

A trademark is only as good as the public's perception of the integrity behind it. The Crazy Eddie name is and probably always will be associated with one of the greatest securities frauds in corporate history.
For the current owner of the (Crazy Eddie) trademark it is like trying to sell the Enron trademark to an energy company.

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