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Is Green Mountain Coffee’s Management Team Milking Shareholders For Every Last Penny?

In an interview last Monday with veteran investigative reporter and best-selling author Gary Weiss, I described how executives at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (NASDAQ:GMCR) apparently received higher bonuses in 2011 because computations for annual cash incentive rewards did not take into legal and accounting expenses relating to an ongoing Securities and Exchange Commission probe into its financial reporting and class action litigation alleging securities fraud. Those executives are already indemnified for legal fees to defend themselves in any S.E.C. investigation and class action lawsuit.

It’s equivalent to management double dipping into corporate coffers at the expense of shareholders. While the company has the burden of paying for the ongoing S.E.C. probe and management’s legal defense in class action lawsuits, their bonuses don’t take into account such costs. It’s like tossing a coin and if it lands on heads, management wins, or if it lands on tails, investors still loose.

In a…