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White Collar Crime: How Criminals Exploit your Humanity

As a criminal, I considered your humanity as a weakness to be exploited in the commission of my crimes. I have often said that white collar crime is a crime of deceit and white collar criminals are artful liars. A great President Ronald Regan once said “Trust, but verify” when dealing with Russia during the cold war. However, as a criminal I took advantage of your initial inclination to trust me. I did anything in my power from charming you to pointing out the good deeds I had done in an effort to corrode your objectivity, professional skepticism, and cynicism.
During my many unpaid speaking engagements people often ask if I am still a criminal today. My answer is that you do not know if I am a criminal today since I live with temptation and sin every day. Just because I travel the country and give unpaid presentations on white collar crime and pay all travel expenses out of pocket, how do you know if I am building a false wall of integrity around me as I did during my criminal years a…