Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Media Commentary, Mentions, and Referrals During 2013

Media Commentary, Mentions, and Referrals During 2013

December 22, 2013: MFI-Miami (Mortgage Fraud Investigations) - Michigan AG Bill Schuette’s Shell Game With Mortgage Fraud Enforcement by Steve Dilbert

December 18, 2013: Going Concern - Footnotes: We've Got Another Insider Trader On Our Hands; A Possible Deloitte Eff Up; EY Helps Out Some Kids | 12.18.13 by Adrienne Gonzalez

November 26, 2013: Going Concern - Footnotes: The Last Thing the SEC Needs Is Sexy; Soccer Mom Madam's Accountant Tells All; Oh, Cow Farts! | 11.26.13 by Adrienne Gonzalez

November 20, 2013: Going Concern - Ex Crazy Eddie CFO Is Picking a Fight With a Pointy-Headed Professor Right Now by Adrienne Gonzalez

November 24, 2013: Value Walk - Hottest Links: Musk Pains; Robin Hood; Bitcoin Fog; Fannie, Freddie by Jacob Wolinsky

November 14, 2013: Seeking Alpha - The Tile Shop: Like Crazy Eddie's, But With An Undisclosed Related Party And A Chinese Twist by Gotham City Research

November 9, 2013: The Deal Pipeline- Enforcer in chief: A conversation with Robert Khuzami by Ronald Orol

October 28, 2013: Benzinga - Overstock Shares Move Lower; May be Attributed to White Collar Fraud Blog Post by Charles Gross

October 28, 2013: The Fly on the Wall - Overstock.com mentioned cautiously on White Collar Fraud blog

October 28, 2013: Value Walk: Hottest Links: OSTK, Micro Cap Value, Britney Spears Vs Somali Pirates by Jacob Wolinsky

October 21, 2013: Seeking Alpha - Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Restructuring The Ghosts Of Acquisitions Past by Jason Merriam

October 16, 2013: Going Concern - Herbalife Director Confident in PwC's Audit; Others, Not So Much by Caleb Newquist

October 16, 2013: FEI Financial Reporting Blog - Closing the Expecation Gap Requires Communication: Anti-Fraud Collaboration by Edith Orenstein

October 2, 2013: Fraud Files: Medifast Cease and Desist Order and Civil Penalty by Tracy Coenen

August 25, 2013: Stock Rock and Roll - A Lesson from Penny Stock Fraud by April Ruciglliano

July 24, 2013: Going Concern - Ex-Crazy Eddie CFO Wondering Why He Hasn't Got a Second Chance Like *Some* People by Caleb Newquist

July 19, 2013: Going Concern - It's a Perfect Day for the Vintage Crazy Eddie 'Beat the Heat' Commercial by Caleb Newquist

July 15, 2013: Bloomberg - Goldman Sachs’s Fabulous Fab Faces SEC Fraud Trial Today by Bob Van Voris

July 8, 2013: CPA Now - Good vs Evil: Good Still Wins in My World by Maureen Renzi

June 19, 2013: Around Wall Street - Peering into Financial Fraud by Stephen A. Bornstein Esq.

June 11, 2013: Attestation Update - Why auditing is not like watching a movie

June 10, 2013: Compliance Exchange - Crazy Eddie fraudster says SEC can't keep up

June 7, 2013: Grumpy Old Accountants - Crazy Eddie Revisited: Old Lessons for Today's Accountants by Anthony Catanach

June 7, 2013: Marketwatch - Crazy Eddie fraudster says SEC can’t keep up. Corporate audits don’t work, give investors false sense of security

June 7, 2013: The Jewish Forward - Little Sign of Change at Syrian Charities After Scandal by Seth Berkman

June 6, 2013: Dutch Uncle - Wall Street Behind Bars

February 26, 2013: The Signal - Ex-con gives advice by Mike Ferrucci

February 20.2013: U.S. 1 - Crime Lessons From A Convicted Felon by Michele Alpirin

February 13, 2013: Plainview Patch - Chamber Hosting 'Crazy Eddie' Felon Turned Reformer by Joe Dowd

February 4, 2013: Gary Weiss - The Lessons From Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne's Gun Caper

January 14, 2013: Going Concern - Here's Your Chance to Hear Andrew Fastow's Story in Andrew Fastow's Own Words by Caleb Newquist

January 14, 2013: The European Shareholders
of Bougainville Copper - Are US-American Market Manipulators making the ASX a Madhouse?

January 10, 2013: MSN Money - Herbalife, under fire, denies pyramid scheme claim by Jonathan Barr

January 7, 2013: Going Concern - Ernst & Young Study Finds That Fraudsters Aren't So Creative with Code Words Over Email by Caleb Newquist

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