Friday, December 31, 2010

White Collar Fraud List of Blog Posts for 2010

12/16/10: A Question for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

12/13/10: Green Mountain Coffee’s financial reporting doesn’t taste as good as its coffee

12/09/10: To Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: My Questions for Today's Earnings Call

12/08/10: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Slow Murky Drip

12/02/10: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Time to Spill the Beans?

11/23/10: California District Attorneys Sue for Defrauding Consumers While the SEC Finds New Disclosure Problems

11/04/10: Patrick Byrne Absent From Third Quarter Earnings Call

11/01/10: More Trouble for and Patrick Byrne after Dismal Third Quarter Report

10/21/10: Interesting Issues in Timing of Green Mountain Insider Stock Sales and Disclosure of SEC Inquiry

10/14/10: Does CEO Patrick Byrne Know When to Shut Up, Especially While the SEC Investigates his Company?

10/11/10: Crazy Eddie Documentary: How We Screwed the Government, Wall Street, Investors, Consumers, and Everyone Else

10/03/10: Will KPMG Ever Wake Up and Finally Learn Its Lesson after Being Duped into Completing Crazy Eddie’s Audits Too Early Twenty Three Years Ago?

09/24/10: Comtech Does the Right Thing by Fixing Errors in Latest Report

09/16/10: What is Accounting?

09/12/10: Five More Public Companies Who Need to Learn How to Properly Compute EBITDA under SEC Rules

08/06/10: CEO Patrick Dumped Stock Ahead of Bad Earnings Report and Misled Investors About Earnings

08/04/10: Another Question about Timing of NBTY Insider Stock Purchases Prior to Announcement of Carlyle Acquisition

07/26/10: Penson Worldwide and Comtech Telecommunications Need to Learn How to Properly Calculate EBITDA under SEC Rules

07/25/10: My Life as a White-Collar Criminal

07/20/10: I Have A Question

07/14/10: Goldman Sachs Settlement with SEC Ignores Company’s Duty to Provide Timely Disclosures to Shareholders about Investigation Leading up to Litigation

07/07/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission: Investigate Troubling Issues at Amedisys Missed by Wall Street Journal

06/27/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission Part 9:'s Excuses Simply Don't Add Up

06/22/10: If You Question Medifast's Revenue Accounting, Expect a Subpoena Rather Than a Rebuttal

06/20/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission  Is Medifast Complying with Revenue Accounting Rules?

06/17/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission: Can a Convicted Felon Help You Find Financial Reporting Violations?

06/15/10: Class Action Complaint against Amedisys uses Sarbanes-Oxley Act Corporate Governance Provisions to Battle Alleged Corporate Malfeasance

06/13/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission: Why You Must Review Medifast's Revenue Accounting Disclosures

06/09/10: How White-Collar Criminals Exploit Your Vanity- Beware of Compliments

06/07/10: Politicians and Public Companies Who Instigate SEC Investigations in an Attempt to Silence Critics

06/02/10: Why President Barack Obama Must Take Steps to Significantly Increase Law Enforcement Resources to Combat White-Collar Crime

06/01/10: Fraud Discovery Issues Investigative Report Rebutting Congressman Anthony Weiner's Allegations Against Glenn Beck Show Advertiser Goldline

05/26/10: Patrick Byrne Pockets $3.1 Million from Dumping Shares While Trying to Stave Off Possible SEC Enforcement Action

05/24/10: The Brutality of Non-violent Organized White-Collar Criminal Groups

05/19/10: Barry Minkow Gives Medifast the Middle Finger

05/18/10: Can We Trust's Financial Reporting?

05/14/10: More Nepotism and Undisclosed Shady Related Party Transactions Found at InterOil

05/09/10: Straight Talk about Brutality of White Collar Crime from a Convicted Felon

05/05/10: Is InterOil Another Tyco or Crazy Eddie?

05/05/10: Can Investors Rely on's Reported Q1 2010 Numbers?

05/02/10: Bomb Found in New York City's Times Square: A Warning from a Convicted Felon

04/29/10: Are InterOil's Auditors Capable of Finding Fraud in Plain Sight?

04/28/10: The Real Reason Behind Danny DeVito’s Crazy Eddie Movie Project Meltdown from Eddie Antar’s Cousin and Criminal CFO Sam E. Antar

04/20/10: New Movie: Shia Labeouf Helps Thomas Belesis from John Thomas Financial Pump InterOil

04/20/10: Goldman Sachs Tells More Bull to Investors

04/20/10: Should the SEC Investigate Medifast Like It's Investigating Pre-Paid Legal?

04/18/10: Did a Clever SEC Bait Goldman Sachs into Compounding Its Legal Problems With the "Kiss of Death" Message?

04/08/10: Open Letter to Morgan Stanley "Research" Analyst Evan Calio: About Your Seriously Flawed Report on InterOil

04/06/10: InterOil: Deal or No Deal? Does it Matter?

04/05/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (Part 8): Bring Enforcement Action Against for False and Misleading Disclosures

04/02/10: New False Disclosures about's "Tax Dodge" Found in 10-K

04/01/10:'s New 10-K Report Reveals Management Deceptions, Major Internal Control Problems, and Zero Quality Earnings

03/31/10: Did InterOil Commit Securities Fraud?

03/29/10: Another Key Departure at It Went Unreported, Too

03/29/10: The InterOil Saga: Convicted Felons Battle Current Breed of Stock Market Miscreants

03/26/10: Is InterOil Built on a Foundation of Fraud?

03/25/10: Can Shia LaBeouf Help Shed Light on a Stock Market Manipulation Scheme Involving InterOil and John Thomas Financial?

03/17/10: Delays Filing 10-K, Reports Even More GAAP Violations, While Patrick Byrne Hides

03/16/10: Indicted Former Democratic Assemblyman Louis Manzo Would be Wise to Stop Blabbing and Simply Shut Up

03/04/10: Open Memo to Medifast Board Chairman Bradley T. MacDonald and Chief Executive and CFO Michael S. McDevitt: Q4 2009 Earnings Call Questions

02/21/10: First Jury Trial in Federal Corruption Probe Based on Informant Solomon Dwek Convicts Beldini: Are Some Defendants Living on Hope?

02/19/10: Open Memo to Medifast Board Chairman Bradley T. MacDonald and Chief Executive and CFO Michael S. McDevitt: Grow Some Hair on Your Chest

02/16/10: The Mentality of White Collar Criminals: Providing Insight on "Connect with Mark Kelley"

02/04/10: My Reporting of a Financial Statement Manipulation Scheme at is Vindicated by Latest Company Announcement

02/02/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission (Part 7): Why and David Chidester Parted Ways

01/28/10: Former Insider David Chidester in the Hot Seat

01/27/10: Unusual Timing of Medifast Auditor Resignation

01/27/10: Open Letter to KPMG: The Ties That Bind, Patrick Byrne, and Deep Capture LLC

01/25/10: Open Letter to KPMG: A Warning About, Your New Audit Client

01/20/10: Roddy Boyd Article Will Cause SEC to Expand Investigation of and Probably Result in Sales Tax Investigation by New York

01/12/10: Open Memo to Medifast Chief Executive and CFO Michael S. McDevitt: Cut the BS and Address Troubling Issues Raised by Barry Minkow

01/03/10: Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission Part 6: Conflicting Disclosures by Reveal Improper Audit Opinion Shopping

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