Wednesday, December 31, 2008

White Collar Fraud List of Blog Posts for 2008

12/29/08: A New Year's Message from a Convicted Felon: While you hope, criminals prey

12/13/08: Is there really more white collar crime today? No.

12/10/08: Barry Minkow Releases New Document to Show Microsemi Exec Peterson Lied

12/08/08: Does Democratic Leadership Inaction on Rangel Render Promises of "Change" a "Bait and Switch" Tactic?

12/04/08: Manian Resigns From STEC, A Day After Broadcom Fires Him For Phony Credentials

12/03/08: Broadcom Executive Fired Today For Phony Credentials, While Microsemi Executive Remains Under Scrutiny

12/03/08: Barry Minkow Reports More Corporate Scoundrels Misrepresenting Credentials

11/30/08: New York Democratic Party Leadership Takes Money from Same-Sex Marriage Supporters and Won't Deliver on Promises

11/23/08: Rule 10b-5 Exposure from Disclosure Violations

11/17/08: Is Trimble Navigation's Stock Repurchase Program a Pump and Dump for Insiders?

11/16/08: Barry Minkow Exposes Corporate Scoundrels Misrepresenting Their Resumes

11/16/08: Advice to President-Elect Barack Obama about Combating White Collar Crime From a Convicted Felon

11/10/08:'s New Disclosures Today Show Company Financial Reports Were a "Joke"

11/06/08: Lawsuit Alleges Shill Bidding on Web Site

11/02/08: What Did Not Tell Investors About Latest Accounting Error

10/26/08: New Accounting Errors Make's Financial Reports Not Reliable While SEC Regulation G Violations Continue

10/24/08: Message to Management about Q3 2008 Earnings Call

10/23/08: My Questions for CEO Patrick Byrne Regarding Upcoming Earnings Call for Q3 2008

10/19/08: Why White Collar Criminals Do Not Fear Today's FBI

10/10/08: A Crisis of Confidence: Some Small Steps We Can Take Now

09/08/08: Are's Stock Buy Backs a Wise Move?

09/03/08: What Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff Does Not Want Anyone to Know

09/02/08: Questionable and Inconsistent Inventory Disclosures

08/18/08: (NASDAQ: OSTK) CEO Patrick Byrne Pays Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff to Defame a Blogger

08/06/08: Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff once caught removing opponent's campaign signs

07/31/08: Why Jonathan Johnson is the Right Choice for President of

07/28/08: What is Mark Mitchell Hiding about Himself, Deep Capture, and

07/24/08: Are's Stock Buybacks "Destroying Shareholder Value"?

07/19/08: The SEC stands by while continues to violate Regulation G and overstates EBITDA in latest report

07/15/08: Limiting Auditor Liability is Plain Dumb

07/15/08: Shop To Earn Tries to Bully Bloggers with Litigation

06/23/08: What did not tell the Securities and Exchange Commission

06/08/08: Not yet "Yipikaye" for CEO Patrick Byrne

06/02/08: CEO Patrick Byrne Calls Himself a Crook

05/28/08: Continues to Violate SEC Regulation G and Materially Overstate EBITDA in Q1 2008

05/21/08: Warning from a Convicted Felon: Don't Be Fooled by People Who Flaunt Their Integrity

05/19/08: and PricewaterhouseCoopers: Errors in Submissions to SEC Division of Corporation Finance

05/12/08: and Patrick Byrne: Anatomy of a Stock Market Manipulation Scheme (Part 3)

04/28/08: Anatomy of a Stock Market Manipulation Scheme (Part 2)

04/25/08: Barry Minkow Finds Herbalife Executive Falsified Credentials

04/23/08: SVP Jonathan E. Johnson lies in frantic attempt at damage control

04/21/08: and Patrick Byrne: Anatomy of a Stock Market Manipulation Scheme - First Quarter Earnings Release

04/17/08: Patrick Byrne has a new pet journalist with a captured mind

04/11/08: Fraud Discovery Institute Lists "Top 10 Red Flags for Fraud at Herbalife"

03/31/08:'s Inventory Disclosures: More Questions

03/19/08: To CFO Lawrence Kong: Is BIDZ reporting inventory in compliance with GAAP?

03/17/08: and Patrick Byrne: Phony Accounting and False and Misleading Disclosures - New Lies

03/14/08: Is Reporting Inventory in Compliance with GAAP?

02/26/08: and Patrick Byrne: Phony Accounting and False and Misleading Disclosures - Revenues

02/20/08: Did's recent press release about Gradient violate rule 10b-5?

02/04/08: and Patrick Byrne: Phony Accounting and False and Misleading Disclosures

01/17/08: Jason C. Lindsey backdates his resignation: Proof

01/17/08: Are certain former directors jumping ship on Patrick Byrne?

01/07/08: Did former President, Chief Operating Officer, and Director Jason C. Lindsey backdate his resignation?

01/02/08: Why did President and COO Jason C. Lindsey really resign?