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Utah Companies that are engaged in Fraud Beware!

The D & O Diary blog, written by Kevin LaCroix, has a post entitled, "Tenth Circuit Takes a Look at D & O Policy Rescission" which covers a Tenth Circuit opinion on "whether misrepresentations in financial statements incorporated by reference in a D & O policy application could serve as a basis for policy rescission under Utah law."In plain English, it means that your D & O carrier may rescind your policy if your company's financial statements and other items incorporated by reference in your insurance application contain material misstatements.I suggest that Utah companies read Kevin LaCroix's blog post and the Tenth Circuit opinion very carefully.It is time for D & O carriers to be proactive monitors of corporate governance. After all, in many cases insurance carriers foot the bill for corporate malfeasance. Kevin LaCroix covers this issue in a previous blog item entitled, "Why Aren’t D & O Insurers Better Corporate Governance…

Did Patrick Byrne, CEO of, Deliver a Trojan Horse to the Securities and Exchange Commission?

In the Crazy Eddie fraud investigation they called it the Trojan horse diversion. My uncle Sam M. Antar (Eddie Antar's father) and his sons Mitchell and Allen, sent two former Crazy Eddie employees to lie to the Securities and Exchange Commission and cover-up their crimes in an attempt to make Eddie Antar and I take the fall. The Securities and Exchange Commission and later, the Justice Department, thought that they delivered the goods on the Crazy Eddie frauds on a silver platter. They thought the information was a gift. They were wrong. The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department quickly learned about witnesses bearing false gifts.Is a similar attempt being made by Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne? Did Patrick Byrne send a Trojan horse to the Securities and Exchange Commission in an attempt to take them off his trail? In previous posts on this blog, I have detailed the vile and malicious smear campaign directed by Patrick Byrne and carried out by Judd Bagley and…

Patrick Byrne (CEO of deceives the New York Times about his activities on internet message boards

In previous posts on this blog, I have detailed Patrick Byrne's vile and malicious smear campaign directed by him against his critics. His deceptions continue according comments he made in a recent interview with the New York Times.Recently, John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, has come under fire because of his anonymous posting on internet message boards. Using the anonymous alias Rahodeb, Mr. Mackey assailed his competitors and promoted his company. According to a recent New York Times article entitled, "The Hand That Controls the Sock Puppet Could Get Slapped," (subscription required) by Brad Stone and Matt Richtel:Patrick M. Byrne, founder and chief executive of the beleaguered online retailer, has for years been accused of anonymously resorting to the Internet to do battle with his company's critics. In an interview, Mr. Byrne said that he never hides his true identity and always signs his name when he posts under his online handle, "Hannibal&quo…

The Crazy Eddie Movie

Today the New York Post had an article about a possible Crazy Eddie movie. According to a New York Post Page Six article: THE life and times of home electronics peddler "Crazy Eddie" Antar may soon become a major movie, thanks to Danny DeVito and his Jersey Films.DeVito and several other producers are hot for Antar's story after recently seeing him on CNBC being confronted by his cousin, Sam Antar, whose testimony sent Eddie to federal prison for 7½ years. There are rumors that my cousin Eddie Antar has been attempting to cash in and sell his story. What I have to say about Crazy Eddie is not for sale.I am not involved in any movie project relating to Crazy Eddie. I have lived a shameful life filled with ugly, vile, malicious, and evil criminal acts. I do not have any desire to peddle my story about Crazy Eddie and make money off the backs of my countless victims.Respectfully,Sam E. Antar (former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon)

Patrick Byrne, CEO of, Continues his Ugly Campaign of Menace

Patrick Byrne has been carrying out his personal vendettas through a smear campaign of lies, distortions, false accusations, innuendos, threats, blackmail, and anti-Semitism on his smear web site, internet message boards, blogs, and's web site. In particular, Patrick Byrne has used his smear web site, administered by his henchman, Judd Bagley, Director of Communications at, and the InvestorVillage message board to carry out his campaign to silence and discredit his critics by continual harassment, intimidation, and smears.
Judd Bagley has colluded with other persons such as Evren Karpak (a contributor to and shareholder) to intimidate critics with threats, blackmail, and smears. In addition, Judd Bagley has colluded with the delusional Edward Manfredonia (an overt anti-Semite and Judd Bagley's admitted advisor), to use anti-Semitism, false accusations, innuendo an…