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Investor Village Et al Limits Sam E. Antar from Asking Questions on - Shame on Them!

Note: As of 12:39 AM several hours later I have been apparently been barred from posting on Investor Village (read bottom of post). I received the following "private message" from Investor Village relating my activities on that message board where I have been asking questions mostly to Patrick Byrne (CEO of and Judd Bagley (Director of Social Media at and others possibly acting in concert with them about their activities relating to and the smear web site
Link to my prior post on this blog entitled: An Arsenal of Intimidation and Fear
Sam E. Antar and Judd Bagley from Communicate on DealBreaker BlogFrom: AdminDate: 02/20/07 5:20:09 PMSubject: Admin Notice: your posting privileges have been restrictedSam:

This notice is to inform you that based on a review of numerous reports against your account for clogging and other violations of our User Agreement, we have decided in our sole discr…