Sunday, December 31, 2006

White Collar Fraud List of Blog Posts for 2006

12/30/06: Apple Computer's Stock Options Backdating Scandal: An Ex-felons View

12/25/06: The Art of Spinning: How to Identify White Collar Criminals or at Least Unethical and Deceitful People Who You Should Avoid

12/19/06: Why I Do Not Fear Auditors

12/19/06: Managing Earnings: Playing the Numbers Game

12/15/06: Cooperation: Andrew Fastow vs. Sam E. Antar

12/10/06: Hiding Your Dirty Laundry in the Footnotes: Anatomy of the Crazy Eddie Accounts Payable Fraud

12/03/06: In Class Action Securities Litigation Sometimes I Wonder Who are the Clients

12/03/06: D & O Insurers Can Help in Corporate Governance

12/02/06: When Regulatory Relief Really Means Relaxing Standards of Transparency and Integrity

11/18/06: Wall Street Journal Law Blog Asks Are Sentences Meted Out for White Collar Felons Too Long and I Answer Their Blog

11/18/06: Crazy Eddie Trademark - Not very Valuable

11/12/06: Audit Committees and External Auditors a Perfect Storm for Disaster

11/03/06: Response to Senator Schumer and Mayor Bloomberg Commentary of Sarbanes-Oxley Reform

10/28/06: Guilty Defendants (You know who you are) The Best Defense May not be the Most Expensive

10/26/06: The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The Unintended Consequence of "Pay to Play"

10/24/06: Skilling's Sentence: What It Is Good For and What Still Is Required

10/22/06: Spreading the Messasge

10/17/06: Memo to Warren Buffett from an Ex-Felon

10/15/06: Who Should Internal Auditors Report To?

10/08/06: The Battle for the Soul of American Capitalism

10/06/06: Warning to Business: We require better education for accountants and auditors, more independent audits, and better barriers to white collar crime

10/02/06: Crazy maybe, but listen to this crook

09/30/06: Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan Speaks Out about Sarbanes Oxley and I Answer Him Back

09/25/06: Asbury Park Article One of the Antar's still talks about the fraud at Crazy Eddie

07/20/06: SEC Moves Forward on Sarbanes Oxley Improvements